Cherry Valley Retreat Spiritual Healing Retreat - Life, Spirit and Soul Coaching Workshops
Cherry Valley Retreat Spiritual Healing Retreat - Life, Spirit and Soul Coaching Workshops


Welcome to Cherry Valley Retreat

Cherry Valley Retreat Mission Statement

To provide a safe, peaceful retreat where busy city dwellers enjoy tranquility and re-connect with nature. To gather a family of compassionate and kind practitioners who will treat their clients and each other with loving respect.


This picture was taken by Kat Ceccotti Spirit Photographer ( in the fairy portal at Cherry Valley. It appeared as a tiny spot of light, and when the picture was blown up, this little creature appeared. Nora WalksInSpirit says they are about the size of a firefly.

We would like to share the tranquility that is here, with you.

Many of our Workshops are about learning to communicate with your Guides, Angels, Animals and Animal Totems. We can help you to find your Life's Purpose or develop your intuitive gifts.

Orbs in the attic. This video was taken by Dennis Anderson's group of mediums September 13, 2014. The activity was probably more intense because they were all mediums.
Check out our video to get a better idea of what we're all about.
Please see the Workshops page for more details on our many courses and our blog for the latest information at

The Munay-Ki Rites can be gifted to you at Cherry Valley.

Many Medicine men and women have called Cherry Valley Farmland Sacred.

Here is the best explanation of sacred sites.

"One of the main reasons so many are drawn to sacred sites around the Earth is that all sacred sites exist on all dimensions at once. When we move into the next reality sacred sites will remain, but our modern society built of skyscrapers and superhighways will not. This is because sacred sites have a thread of energy that ties them to all the dimensions. Sacred sites are built on energy vortexes. When we visit sacred sites, we feel excited, as they exhibit high frequencies and lower magnetics. These altered frequencies and lower magnetics attract those who are working to be free of limitations. Sacred sites are actually preparing us for dimensional shifting. Higher frequencies help us clear out the unnecessary baggage we have carried for lifetimes and also give our body a workout so we will be in shape for the shifts. Lower magnetics prepare us for the possible disorientation we can feel when we enter a dimension that is timeless and non-linear. Sacred sites prepare our body and spirit for the shift of the ages". Mayan Elder

"Nora WalksInSpirit advises these portals are connected to other sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, Giza, the Himalayas, and others. She has no idea why in Canada...why this little farm, and that the biggest portal in Canada is behind the barns."


"Cherry Valley Retreat is a beautiful and tranquil estate home nestled on a century-and-a-half-old farm. Nancy has restored the home and made it a meeting place for those who are willing to share their gifts and for others who are looking to reconnect with their soul. Find a course or workshop that truly resonates with you and begin your journey!"

- Dorothy Ratusny, M.A., PhD. (Candidate) - Workshop Facilitator

"I have taken a few courses now at Cherry Valley Retreat and just had to write and thank you for a wonderful experience each and every time. The atmosphere at Cherry Valley is amazing, with different positive energies from every room in the beautiful and charming farm house. The instructors I have had are also top notch! A big thank you to Julia Bales, Angel Lanthier (The Munay Ki Rites) and Sheila Trecartin (Animal Communication) - three wonderful, caring souls - and to you, Nancy, for all that you give to each and every one who visits Cherry Valley. You treat us like family. I have been encouraging all my friends to visit you so they can have the same amazing experience."

Gill Skyvington

"Just visiting Cherry Valley was a wonderful experience for me. What a interesting old home, full of so much past to tap into.

The Animal Communications Course with Sheila was amazing....She led me forward to use my skills to help several animals. Also, her course on Auras was terrific. Sheila is very able to explain and guide people through the various steps to understand much about Auras. I have enjoyed both courses and hope to take more courses at Cherry Valley. Thank you for opening your lovely retreat so others can learn and enjoy."

Karen MacPhee

"On my way downtown today, I felt totally connected with the universe, earth and life around me. It's as if I was one with it - it was almost surreal. It was an overwhelming, great feeling. I can't wait to see what else it brings. I have to get my sisters, brothers and friends up north to get these Rites. It really is amazing how you see things so differently after being gifted with only four of these. Can't wait for the last five. Will keep you posted. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the book and the gifting of these Rites. I think you're one of my guardian angels. It's amazing how my life has changed since I met you. Thank you so very much!"


"I cannot believe the changes this has made in my life already. This is really amazing."

Sue (Re Munay Ki Rites)

"Enjoyed my day at Cherry Valley Retreat very much. What a wonderful energy this house has, and Nancy is a wonderful hostess. I enjoyed learning the first four rites of Munay Ki. It was truly amazing. I recommend this retreat centre very much, and the other therapies sound wonderful. I look forward to attending other sessions. Thank you for a special place to learn these therapies."

Suzanne Coutts

"Cherry Valley Retreat is a magical, peaceful place. The energy throughout the retreat is phenomenal. I have driven 1 1/2 hours to take several workshops with wonderful instructors who really care about their students, and it is worth the time and money. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in growth and knowledge."

Sue Doherty

"What a wonderful sanctuary Nancy has created at Cherry Valley. She has transformed a charming country home into a warm and peaceful gathering place for those who love to learn. I had such fun participating in Sheila Trecartin's Animal Communication workshop. The energy in the room was amazing as we soaked up all Sheila had to teach us and practiced as we went. Both Nancy's and Sheila's genuine warmth and enthusiasm are true gifts. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be back for more."

Wendy Ann Mills

"I found Cherry Valley while searching for a place of belonging. Nancy greeted me with an open heart and a warm smile. I have experienced Meditation with Angel, Animal Communication with Sheila and the Munay Ki rites with Julia. I know that I will be experiencing more workshops there. Cherry Valley is a community of people that have become my refuge for unconditional offerings. Nancy has worked with intensity and passion to create a safe haven to escape from the chaotic world that surrounds us, welcoming us into her home. I found what I was looking for. Thank you, Nancy, for all of your hard work and for providing this wonderful naturescape of serenity."


These newly born fawns were found behind the barns at Cherry Valley Retreat.

Cherry Valley Retreat Spiritual Healing Retreat - Life, Spirit and Soul Coaching Workshops
Cherry Valley Retreat Spiritual Healing Retreat - Life, Spirit and Soul Coaching Workshops