Evolve your heart & mind


Evolve your heart & mind

Cherry Valley Retreat

If anyone is interested in taking a cranial sacral course please contact Susan Fric at 905-953-9476 or susanfric@hotmail.com who has experienced this and will be taking a course.

There is a healing tree on the farm that has been attuned to Reiki. Just write the name of the person you want healing for on one of the provided ribbons and tie it to the tree. By donation.

Experience  The Cherry Valley Journey


​​​​​Bring two hand written questions for Trish to receive answers from your Guides

She will receive personalized accurate answers for you and other useful healing information from the spirit world. You will receive a rose quartz crystal which she will ask you to programme with positive thoughts to bring clarity and raise your vibration.
Trish will use "automatic writing" or if you will take Spiritual dictation.You will leave with clear loving messages in writing pertaining to your questions or concerns, and a sense of direction to go forward in your life, career or any goal you want to achieve.If you wish, instead of your guides, Trish would call in a departed loved one. If they are willing they will come in and you can speak with them through Trish..

To register 905-895-2871 Attendees get a 10% discount at Vidya's  veggiegourmet.ca after the Workshop.


Experience earth healing

Meet your teachers

Labyrinth & Portals


Have a taste of Ontario’s historical past, while you travel your spiritual path.



  • Akashic Records
  • Animal Communication
  • Barefoot Healing
  • Connect to fairy portal
  • Connect to higher self
  • Crystal medicine wheel
  • Elevating Energy and Perception
  • Labyrinth & Portals Experiences
  • Meditation
  • Messages from Your Guides
  • Munay-Ki Rites
  • Past Life Explorations
  • Reiki I, II & III

To provide a safe, peaceful retreat where busy city dwellers enjoy tranquility and re-connect with nature. To gather a family of compassionate and kind practitioners who will treat their clients and each other with loving respect.