Evolve your heart & mind     905-895-2871

Bring two  very specific hand written questions for Trish to channel your guides for answers.
She will receive personalized accurate answers for you and other useful healing information from the spirit world. You will receive a rose quartz crystal which she will ask you to programme with positive thoughts to bring clarity and raise your vibration.
Trish will use “automatic writing” or if you will take Spiritual dictation. You will leave with clear loving messages in writing pertaining to your questions or concerns, and a sense of direction to go forward in your life, career or any goal you want to achieve. Occasionally a departed loved one will pop in with messages for you. Sessions will start at 12:30 to book your appointment time 905-895-2871
Please arrive ¼ hour before your appointment time so we can make sure there are no delays for your reading.
1/2hr $60, ¾ hr $75 1HR $100
To book your appointment  and receive direction to Cherry Valley Retreat.  Please call 905-895-2871

Would you like to feel happier and experience a more fulfilling life? Are you wondering why you are here, and what you are supposed to be doing? This and more can be answered in an Akashic Record reading with Rev. Irma.   We all have issues, beliefs, patterns, behaviours....that we carry around and need to let go of.  These issues.... that come through in a reading can be released permanently resulting in what we call the "INSTANT FACELIFT".  To register for your appointment 905-895-2871 readings  are 45 minutes or more. 

Price:  $100

Date/Time: Saturday November 11

Place: 304 Court St Newmarket ON L3Y 3S5

Practitioner Trish Sparrow

For those individuals who have signed up for "Intermediate Mediumship Development", I'd like to congratulate you for courageously moving forward with your natural spiritual gifts!
In the previous course, "Introduction to Mediumship Development" topics such as energy forms, psychic symbolism, spiritual protection and such were discussed.
In "Intermediate Mediumship Development" you will be in a relaxed setting that is fun and interactive. Each person present will learn about and have an opportunity to use various divination tools! All will be giving and receiving readings amongst each other. 
*Each participant will need a pendulum for this class. If you do not already own one you can purchase a pendulum at a spiritual store. 
*cost - $150.00. This class will be a full day and lunch will be provided.

Mediumship Intermediate

Price:  $65

Date/Time: Sunday  October 15th, 2017 1pm-4pm

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner: Jenn Prothero R.M. www.jennprothero.web.com 

1:00 pm to 4:00pm to register 905-895-2871

Date/Time: Saturday December 9 2017

By donation Place: #304 Court St Newmarket ON L3Y 3S5

Practitioner:Nancy Huber

Price:  by donation

Date/Time: Saturday October 21th, 2017 1pm-4pm

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner:Nancy Huber


Price:  $88

Date/Time: Sunday January 28th, 2018 1pm-4pm

Place:304 Court St Newmarket ON L3Y 3S5

Practitioner: Cheryl Millett B Sc CCir   www.cherylmillett.com 

Munay-Ki Foundation Rites

Spiritual Sparkles
Presents An Afternoon of Chakra Bliss

Cleansing and beginning intentions.

Refresher chakra class including essential oils that are effective for each chakra.
1 hour crystal bowl singing bowls meditation.
Closing intentions.

with Jenn Prothero Reiki Master, sound vibration healer www.jennprothero.web.com

Date/Time: tba

Place: tba
Practitioner: Trish Sparrow

Munay Ki The Foundation Rites 1pm to4pm When the Rites are gifted, the gifter gets them again as well and can only do a limited number of people. Register with Nancy 905-895-2871
 The first rite is the Healers rite, which connects you to a lineage of Earthkeepers from the past that come and assist you in your personal healing. 
The second  rite consists of protections installed in your LEF. These are known as the Bands of Power, and consist of five energetic bands representing earth, air, fire, water, and pure light. The third is the Harmony rites, in which you receive seven archetypes into your chakras. In the first chakra, you receive the archetype of serpent; jaguar ,  hummingbird, eagle,Huascar Inka, Quetzalcoatl, Pachakut.These archetypes are transmitted into your chakras as seeds. They help combust the psychic sludge that has built up in your chakras, so that your chakras can shine with their original light as you acquire a rainbow body. Next are the Seer rites. By Donation An incredibly powerful experience not to be missed.

 Please send your regular e-mail address to nhuberatrogers.com and I will send you the teachings for this. Depending on the amount of energy work you do, you will be ready for the Transformational Rites in anywhere from one to eight months. Once you have all nine you can register on their website www.munay-ki.org so people can find you to receive them from you. They are done by donation. I have seen places on the web where people are charging to gift them, but I feel this dishonours the Shamans who gave them to us. There are no prerequirements. I used to give another Workshop on how to gift the Rites, but now just teach as I go. Once you receive them you are welcome to sit in on any future gifting until you have the confidence to gift them yourself.​​

​Reiki practitioners have advised receiving these Rites greatly enhances their Reiki energy.

Reiki Level I Certification


Introduction to Mediumship

This workshop is for people who are just coming into their gifts.
  "Have you ever had experiences, whether awake or asleep, where you knew, felt, heard or sensed information about something or someone without having prior knowledge of any given person/situation? 
Are you perplexed as to how you came to know, feel or sense these things?
    Perhaps it is because you are a gifted medium. Everyone comes into the world with psychic abilities, whether we choose to develop them or not. But not everyone is a medium. 

    Right now, more than ever, the world is in dire need of healing and people with mediumship abilities are beginning to awaken to their gifts! If you think you are one of these people you may find yourself on the threshold of wanting to develop and hone your natural ability and step into your life purpose. Spirit may be calling upon you!
In this course, "INTRODUCTION TO MEDIUMSHIP", you will learn:

●everything is energy and energy is in everything
●self care for mediums
●how to recognize your strongest 'clairs' (heightened senses) and develop them in order to bring authentic messages through spirit
●introduction to psychic symbolism that helps you decipher messages from spirit
●developing a cooperative connection to your spirit guides, and
●gaining a deep respect for the spirit world and its inner workings.
How to set an intention to connect
Saturday November 14, 2017 at 304 Court St Newmarket ON L3Y 3S5
10am-4pm $100 lunch provided.
To register 905-895-2871

Iit's important to keep moving forward in your personal/spiritual growth!
So, for the next four weeks, I am offering a special promotion for "Intermediate Mediumship Development" full day course. 
Each week one prize will be offered:
1st prize - a one hour Mediumship reading  >>OR<<  an automatic writing session to receive personal messages from your Guides. 
(This has a cash value of $120.00)
2nd prize - a full body Reiki treatment to balance, heal and renew your energy! 
(This has a cash value of $100.00)
3rd prize - a course in "Automatic Writing", in which you'll experience connecting with and channeling your Guides, complete with a journal and pen)
(This has a cash value of $75.00)
4th prize -  a deck of Divination Oracle Cards and a set of chakra healing crystals.
(This has a cash value of $35.00)

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Price: $200

Date/Time: Sunday November 26 2017

Place: #304 Court St Newmarket ON L3Y 3S5

Practitioner: Suzanne 

Akashik Record Readings

Messages From Your Guides

Reiki Level  II Certification

Munay-Ki The Transformational Rites

This hands on workshop is about Iridology and for anyone curious about how the body communicates to us. Join us for this introductory class on learning the basics of Iridology for your better health. Iridology is the science and art of studying a person’s iris, primarily the colour part of the eye. It is a diagnostic tool which assists in learning about inherited strengths and weakness, and current health conditions by looking at colours, markings and shapes. It is non invasive and easy to do. Come to learn, be inspired, be amazed and have fun.

This workshop will include: - An Introduction and History - Powerpoint presentation for visual learnings - Course material including diagrams - Learn to draw iris signs - Laminated iris map -  Practice time to use the materials included

Preparation: Bring some colour pencils, a 7X magnifying glass and a small flashlight or penlight. Iris Torch or Irish Magnifier 10x, or Magnifier 7x to 10x with pen light

To reserve your space 905-895-2871 Or nhuber@rogers.com.

Price:  $80

Date/Time: Sunday October 29, 2017 appointments from 12:30pm on

Place: 7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner:Rev Irma Haggith

Reignite your healing touch by learning the ancient art of Reiki.  We all have the ability to offer healing touch.  You already do it every time you give a hug, place your hands over a child’s cut or massage a headache.  Being attuned to Reiki enhances our touch and reconnects us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Increase your confidence and gain a better understanding of your ability to make a difference to your own well-being and those you care about.

In the First Degree Reiki you will learn:
The History of Reiki
Reiki principles
Benefits of Reiki
Hand positions for a treatment
The Chakra System
Personal benefits

You will enjoy an interactive workshop. Be prepared to gain knowledge and have fun! 
Workshop Fee of $175.00 includes manual, certificate and a light lunch, and a tax receipt. To register 905-895-2871
9:30 - 4:30   ​


Price: $175

Date/Time: Sunday October 22 2017

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner: Suzanne 

Price:  $150

Date/Time: November 25, 2017  10am-4pm

Place: #304 Court St Newmarket

Practitioner:Trish Sparrow

Cherry Valley Retreat

Munay-Ki Rites: Vibration of Angels & Archangels (Rites 5 to 9)
Prerequisite: Munay-Ki Foundation Rites
Approx 3 hours
These are very sacred  South American Shamanic Rites. They are highly transformational rites and a continuation of the energetic transmissions received in the “Foundation Rites” workshop. The Rites given are the; Day Keepers Rite, Wisdom Keepers Rite, Earth Keepers Rite, Star Keepers Rite and the new Creators Rite.

The last two Rites could only be gifted from Spirit until 1996, when it became possible for them to be transmitted human to human.
This is an incredibly powerful experience not to be missed.

This Event takes place at 7168  10th Line Essa ON, 1-4pm To reserve your space 905-895-2871 Or nhuber@rogers.com



Prerequisite – First Degree Reiki 

Now that you have experienced the benefits of First Degree Reiki, would you like to know more? Join this workshop to further enhance your energetic connection and ability to offer healing.  This Reiki level will focus on learning how to affect healing from a distance.  You will learn how to combine Reiki energy with powerful symbols to create a deeper healing opportunity. 

In the Second Degree Reiki you will learn:

* How to offer distance healing 

* Benefits and various forms of distance healing 

* Three empowering symbols and their uses 

* Putting the symbols and hands – on treatments together 

* Personal benefits.

You will enjoy this interactive workshop! Be prepared to gain knowledge and have fun! 

9:30-4:30 at 304 Court St Newmarket ON L3Y 3S5
To register 905-895-2871

Chakra Bliss