Awaken your inner shaman and wise woman. Discover to benefits of journeying to the Lower Worlds and reconnect with your Power Animal. This sacred medicine path is the keys to help deepen your personal practice, intuitive development, personal power and sacred wisdom that lies beyond our world.

Overview of workshop;
~Sacred Smudging Ceremony
~Description of the roles of Modern Day Shamanism
~Cross cultural Shamanism
~Exploring the difference between Power/Spirit/Messenger/Totem/Birthplace/Clan Animals.
~Tools and methods of journeying to Lower Worlds
~Power Animal Retrieval
~Development a sacred relationship with your Power Animal and Spirit Guides
Cost- $100
Location- Cherry Valley Retreat- 7168, 10th Line Thornton, L0L 2N0

What to bring;
~Yoga mat, blanket, bolster, journal, rattle of drum if you have ones that you work with. Crystals that you wish to work with,  and other sacred tool that you may want to have with you.

Registration is required for the Workshop as space is limited to 8 participants.

Call 905-895-2871 or e-mail


This workshop is for people who are just coming into their gifts.
  "Have you ever had experiences, whether awake or asleep, where you knew, felt, heard or sensed information about something or someone without having prior knowledge of any given person/situation? 
Are you perplexed as to how you came to know, feel or sense these things?
    Perhaps it is because you are a gifted medium. Everyone comes into the world with psychic abilities, whether we choose to develop them or not. But not everyone is a medium. 
    Right now, more than ever, the world is in dire need of healing and people with mediumship abilities are beginning to awaken to their gifts! If you think you are one of these people you may find yourself on the threshold of wanting to develop and hone your natural ability and step into your life purpose. Spirit may be calling upon you!
In this course, "INTRODUCTION TO MEDIUMSHIP", you will learn:
●everything is energy and energy is in everything
●self care for mediums
●how to recognize your strongest 'clairs' (heightened senses) and develop them in order to bring authentic messages through spirit
●introduction to psychic symbolism that helps you decipher messages from spirit
●developing a cooperative connection to your spirit guides, and
●gaining a deep respect for the spirit world and its inner workings.
How to set an intention to connect
 $100 lunch provided.


Ho’oponopono (Pronounced: ho-o-pono-pono)
Who are you really?

Do you know your true Self-Identity?

Hawaiian psychologist, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, cured the entire ward of the criminally
insane at the Hawaii State Hospital
Ho’o is the Hawaiian particle ‘to be’. Pono means ‘true condition’, ‘true nature’, ‘prosperity’, and
‘well-being’. Because Pono is repeated for emphasis, Ho’o-pono-pono means to experience your
true Self-Identity, a fulfilled life of prosperity and well-being.
In only 10 minutes you’ll clear out:

 unwanted patterns as far back as previous lifetimes

 triggers and repeating scenarios 

effects from trauma, abortion, divorce, abuse and/or death of a loved one 

 controlling relationships 

 unwanted habits, cravings and/or other attachments

Would you like to start fresh? Ho’oponopono gives YOU control. Un-create your unwanted scenarios and live your true, Divinely Intended Self NOW. 

Price:  By Donation minimum $20

Date/Time: Sunday July 1, 2017  1-4pm

Place:7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Labyrinth Walk and Healing Portals Experience

Clear all unwanted energies to Pure Light for your Loved Ones. This workshop takes your Ho’oponopono practice to the next level by bringing you the permission requirements plus Madii’s short-cuts including her Concise Form handouts for simplicity and ease. Free your Loved Ones. 2 hours $25 May 20, 6-8pm at 7168  10th LINE Essa L0L 2N0

Chakra Bliss

Ho'onoponopono Advanced

Price:  $111

Date/Time: Sunday   July 23 1pm-5pm

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner: Madii Kasem 

Price:  $25

Date/Time: SaturdayJuly 23, 2017 6pm-8pm

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner: Madii Kasem

Price: $80

Date/Time: appointments start at 12:30 pm and are 30 to 45 minutes

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner Sherry Batisse

Munay-Ki Transformational Rites

Messages From Your Guides

​Bring two  very specific hand written questions for Trish to channel your guides for answers.
She will receive accurate answers for you and other useful healing information from the spirit world. You will receive a rose quartz crystal which she will ask you to programme with positive thoughts to bring clarity and raise your vibration.
Trish will use “automatic writing” to give you clear loving answers and a sense of direction to go forward in your life, career or any goal you want to achieve. Occasionally a departed loved one will pop in with messages for you. Sessions will start at 12:30
Please arrive ¼ hour before your appointment time so we can make sure there are no delays for your reading.

1/2hr $60, ¾ hr $75 1HR $100
To book your appointment please write to nhuber@cherryvalleyretreat or call 905-895-2871

Price:  by donation

 Minimum $10

Date/Time: Saturday July 9 2017 1pm-4pm

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner: the land

Receive the Munay-Ki Foundation Rites

Price:  $100

Date/Time: Sunday  June 25, 2017 1pm-5pm

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner: Roberta Robbins

Price:  $60 and up depending on the length of the reading you choose

Date/Time: Saturday  August 5th , 2017 12:30pm on

Place:  7168  10th LINE Essa :0L 2N0

Practitioner: Trish Sparrow psychic/medium 

Price:  $65

Date/Time: Sunday August 27th, 2017 1pm-4pm

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner: Jenn Prothero R.M. 

1:00 pm to 4:00pm to register 905-895-2871

Date/Time: Sunday July 30 , 2017

By donation minumum $20

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner:Nancy Huber


Spiritual Sparkles
Presents An Afternoon of Chakra Bliss

Cleansing and beginning intentions.

Refresher chakra class including essential oils that are effective for each chakra.
1 hour crystal bowl singing bowls meditation.
A walk through the labyrinth.
Closing intentions.

with Jenn Prothero Reiki Master, sound vibration healer

Light language Healing Session with Sherry from Live in Light

Register at 905-895-2871 or

The first rite is the Healers rite,

The second  rite consists of bands protections installed in your LEF.(Light Energy Field). 

The third is the Harmony rites, in which you receive seven archetypes into your chakras. 
Next are the Seer rites.. This practice awakens your ability to perceive the invisible world.

Reiki Practitioners advise this greatly enhances the Reiki energy flowing through them.

By Donation        Workshop participants will get a 10% discount  at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet in Thornton after the Workshop     

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Cherry Valley Retreat


Sacred Wisdom-Animal Spirits and Shamanism


The language of light is a language of high vibrational frequency. I work with a particular council of light beings made up of elders, teachers, masters, wisdom keepers and wise men and women. They are a powerful group of beings who hold an exceptionally high vibrational frequency. Light language is called the language of love because it is only spoken from the heart, therefore spoken with the highest vibration. These light beings are from the purest and highest love, light frequency, these frequencies are transmitted using language, songs, codes, sounds, and breath work.
 Our work together is to bring peace and harmony within the energy body so you can open to greater paradigm shifts within yourself.  Light beings work energetically to restructure your DNA and transmute old dormant energies that you need no longer carry. Some of the healing that happens with light language, it works to remove past traumas, deep seated recurring themes, heals emotional scars, releases and transforms energy blocks, restructures your DNA, rids you of past life issues, clears karma and removes negative entity attachments. When the frequency is transmitted into your energy field it begins to transform you inside out. They work to transform and restructure your entire system giving you an upgrade into higher frequencies.

Price:  $100

Date/Time: July 22,2017  10am-4pm 2017

Place: #7168  10th Line Essa L0L 2N0

Practitioner:Trish Sparrow

Mediumship an Introduction to the Basics

​Enjoy your time exploring the many portals and the labyrinth on the property. Spend as long as you need at each portal or walking the labyrinth. Please remember bring some water to bless each portal and the labyrinth to give thanks and gratitude before you leave it. This raises the vibration and energy of each site which in turn raises the vibrational energy of the planet itself. Enter the portals from the East. Feel free to leave a gift for the fairies in the fairy portal that is connected to a fairy portal in Ireland. They love shiny, sparkling items and crystals. You can also leave a gift of tobacco at the largest portal behind the barn to honour the Ojibwe who walked the land centuries ago.

If someone you love needs a healing, write their name on a ribbon provided at the farm and tie it to the Healing Tree ♥ By donation

Munay-Ki Rites: Vibration of Angels & Archangels (Rites 5 to 9)
Prerequisite: Munay-Ki Foundation Rites
Approx 3 hours
These are very sacred  South American Shamanic Rites. They are highly transformational rites and a continuation of the energetic transmissions received in the “Foundation Rites” workshop. The Rites given are the; Day Keepers Rite, Wisdom Keepers Rite, Earth Keepers Rite, Star Keepers Rite and the new Creators Rite.

The last two Rites could only be gifted from Spirit until 1996, when it became possible for them to be transmitted human to human.
This is an incredibly powerful experience not to be missed.

This Event takes place May 28, 2017 at 7168  10th Line Essa ON, 1-4pm To reserve your space 905-895-2871 Or



Evolve your heart & mind     905-895-2871