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Madii Kasem, B.Ed., M.A. 

Nora WalksInSpirit is a well known MASTER-Teacher-Healer who communes with spirits, and discovered the crystal medicine wheel that is 75 feet under the first portal at Cherry Valley Farm. She does amazing teaching there and has connected the fairy portal to one she had just visited in Ireland while touring sacred sites in England and Ireland.  She is doing much to awaken the portals and raise their vibration. Nora is here to awaken all upon a path of Infinite Consciousness teachings and Spiritual Enlightenment. Her wisdom teachings prepare you for your own evolution into becoming a Master Being of Love Light and Peace. The shift of Infinite Intelligent Consciouness has arrived, Spiritual Energy Frequencies and vibrations enter your body when you read or listen to these wisdom teachings delivered in the moment. This information has been gathered by Nora from Sacred Portals around the world.

Besides learning your life purpose in an Akashic Reading; issues, behaviours, addictions, or patterns are also uncovered. Through the release technique I call S.H.I.F.T. these blocks can be permanently let go of seven generations back, and seven generations forward. This allows my clients to have a new lease on life. They report feeling lighter and have a greater sense of purpose. Once their blocks are removed they become free to be who they are, and do what they are here to do.

Roberta is a passionate healer, teacher, wisdom seeker and someone who loves to inspire and empower others on their soul journey. Roberta has been an Integrated Health and Wellness Practitioner for over 20yrs. She is a Holistic Life Coach, Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Medicine Practitioner, Whispering Wisdom Retreat Facilitator, JourneyDance Guide, the Creator & Facilitator of the Wise Sacred Woman Circle and is a Regional Coordinator of Gather the Women Canada.
Roberta offers ongoing personal soul sessions, workshops, retreats and classes to help you reclaim your voice, your passion and to speak and live your authentic truth.
“My passion is to assist you in reconnecting and aligning with your inner wellness and authentic spirit.  It is my heartfelt desire to teach and offer guidance from the wisdom I have gained through my own personal journey of spiritual healing and soul travels. My gift to you is to provide a sacred space for you to feel safe and supported. Where you can receive the wisdom and healing your soul is seeking to awaken and embody your physical and spiritual wellbeing”
 ​~Roberta Robbins, Sacred Medicine Weaver

Trixie Kennedy

Trish Sparrow

Susan Kern

Madii Kasem, B.Ed., M.A. is a certified Nature Communicator and Animal Communicator and meditation teacher. She was a  regular contributor to True Blue Spirit magazine 2013-2015 and host of the Language of Nature on Inspired Choices Network 2016. Madii is one of the few people to have trained in Ho'oponopono by the late kahua lapa'au (healer-priest) Morrnah Simeona. Ho'oponopono allows you to speak aloud to your subconscious mind and access your superconscious mind to affect personal change.

Alexander S. Jones

Since an early age, I have had an acute sense of energy, along with high level awareness of the benefits of touch. We bring energy to all aspects of our daily lives: energy we feel from the space we call home or where we work, impacting our lives on a daily basis. This fascination has taken me down a path where strong support skills developed: these skills allowed me success during the past 20+ years in the working world, relating to many different types of personal and space energies. My success in working with many, diverse energies, (individuals in their work or home spaces), led me to learn, in greater detail, about subtle energies. The one common thread I observed is that the energy we bring as humans, (the energy of our homes and work places), makes a significant contribution to the outcome of key aspects in our lives.

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Roberta Robbins

Susan has been on a conscious path of self-exploration and healing for over 15 years. Susan is passionate about bringing conscious awareness into the present moment, developing personal responsibility for what she co-creates in life and dissolving fear and stress. Susan has a unique ability to communicate Spiritual and Scientific information in a unified, fun and simplistic manner and to create a safe and loving space for the magic of healing and transformation to unfold. Susan  was a forensic pathologist who couldn't bear to see the broken bodies of women brought in and so chose this path.

Yvette has been interested in personal health and wellbeing as long as she can remember. Even as a child, she could see the emotional pain behind the physical illness and why people got sick. Reiki opened up that gift that already existed and now she is dedicated to helping other people realize their own gifts of healing. Yvette has been studying Reiki for 11 years and teaching for eight years. Throughout her experience, teaching has not only assisted in her own healing, but it has heightened that sense of integrity, compassion and honour that only confirms her life mission. She is dedicated to ensuring that each student completely understands each level of Reiki with a Guarantee. Yvette is currently on Sabbatical for 2017.

Nancy Fletcher-Huber, C.P.A., C.G.A., R.M., A.C.

Alexander S. Jones is a graduate (spiritual director) of the University of British Columbia’s Pacific Jubilee Program with the Vancouver School of Theology. He has practiced meditation for more than forty years and has taught meditation for thirty years. His books include the bestselling Seven Mansions of Color, which offers advice on the use of color in one’s daily life to achieve spiritual and physical harmony. His newest book is Meditation: Where East and West Meet. His recordings of his original music include Angels of Color and Sound, Kali’s Dream, Peace Beyond Stress, and Forever. 

Cherry Valley Retreat

Yvette Huber

Nora WalksInSpirit

Sheila is a renowned animal communicator, Certified Reflexologist (registered with the Canadian Examining Board) and a Reiki Master /Teacher (registered with the Canadian Reiki Association).  She offers her services to human as well as animal clients.  Sheila became interested in the holistic field at a very young age.  Showing early signs of many holistic abilities, she has learned greatly through her own life experience. She has been practicing in the holistic field for over 20 years. In addition to Animal Communication, Reflexology and Reiki, her prolific portfolio also includes: ear candling, crystal healing, vibrational essences, colour therapy, chakras balancing, meditation, pendulum healing, dowsing, past life regression, and holistic laser therapy.

As a psychic medium and healer, I am entrusted through the highest form of Light and Love in the universe to provide messages of hope, peace, love, comfort and healing to any person who is guided in my direction. And it is my greatest wish that people gain a new perspective in their lives and be empowered to move forward in a positive direction as a result of the loving messages of guidance and healing that flow through me from Spirit!

Trish also does house clearing.

I’m an empath by nature. I’m also a Level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner providing Reiki therapy, ZPoint Practitioner as well as a Certified Animal Communicator.
As a result of being an empath, I have chosen to use my gift for the greater good. Empaths are known to be natural healers, and it’s something that I love to do. I am passionate about it, and I’m always looking for ways to help someone. My services are always expanding as a way of helping those who are in need and providing them personal care.
Further, I have a love for animals. It is this passion that inspired me to become an animal communicator. Over the years, I have owned cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, cows, and even reptiles. I have cared for sheep and pigs. Growing up, we lived on a farm, and I worked with the animals.

My belief is that if you are reading this page, you were brought here for a reason. My goal is to help you in one way or another, and the services will vary based upon what it is that you truly need.

Sheila Trecartin RP CRA, C.R.H.P.

Terri Beauchamp


I am certified by Brian Wiess Institute Past Life Regressionist.

My interests and practice  goes beyond Past Life subject , I love to learn more about myself through means of altered states of consciousness and help others with the tools I have learned via different schools of exploration of consciousness . I have also  been practicing O.O.B.E for more then 10 years and was trained by William Bulmahn well known  author of a best-selling books on this subject  and trainer on after life exploration. I am also a member of the world leading  Educational center in exploration  and expanded states of consciousness-   Monroe Institute. I  have completed various programs on this subject that  Monroe Institute offers .


Irma Haggith

Cherry Valley Retreat offers Certification Courses in Animal Communications & Reiki, Workshops on Healing with crystals & colour. Workshops on communicating with your Angels, guides and Animal Totems. Psychic Protection Techniques, Group Past Life Regressions.  Bring hand written questions for Trish to communicate your guides answers to you. Or have your Akashic records read. 

Nancy gifts the Munay-Ki Rites, and is a remote viewer absent healer with Archangel Raphael.

Cherry Valley Retreat has a labyrinth and many healing portals to be experienced .Open May to October. From November to April the Workshops move to Cherry Valley South in Newmarket ON.

Nancy is the author of “Synchronicities” about Cherry Valley from the 1840’s on. Farms were named  after where settlers came from in the “Old Country”. Cherry Valley is near Dublin. This book is available on Smashwords.​